Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5” Coaxial Speaker

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If you need to find a replacement for your speakers, you need to get the quality Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5” Coaxial Speaker. They are the best way that one can get to listen to high-quality sounds. The speakers are a way to provide the prime way to improve your sound reception. Unlike other speakers that do not have a good balance between the high and low notes, with these speakers, they do not produce irritating sounds while on high notes, and low notes that are barely heard.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Features

The Rockford Fosgate speakers have been designed to have a great and attractive shape. They are equipped with the best features to ensure you are comfortable with your music. They include:

Cone made of polypropylene

  • Tweeter crossover that is integrated
  • Rubber cover surround
  • Steel made basket
  • Silk dome tweeter
  • Two speaker set
  • 6.5 inch easy fit


Along with the speaker’s best looks, it has great features that accompany a great description. The speakers have the ability to deliver good quality music sounds and in sufficient volume. The power of the speakers is equipped with a voice coil design that handles high temperatures, a top mount of 2 – 3 dB, 180 watts on peak and 90 watts RMS. The speakers have a frequency response of 52 – 20,000Hz. With the purchase of the speakers, you are able to get a warranty of the speakers that will last for one year. This is a guarantee of great service from the speakers.

Pros and cons

With every purchase of products in the market, they are received differently. Each buyer has various expectations and abilities of the product. With this in mind, there will be pros and con for every product. Therefore, there are various pros and cons that come with the car speakers.


  • The first advantage of having the best 6.5 car speakers is the ability to produce sound mightily.
  • With minimal bass, there is production of good volume from the car speakers.
  • The speakers can also be used not only for cars but also for houses that work well with a small enclosure for sound projection.
  • The speakers are also easy and fast to install with clarity of sound.
  • The speakers are also very affordable, thus encouraging buyers even on a budget to go for the speakers. This makes the buyers have a great experience and fulfillment of the sound desired. This gives every user a great experience with the 6.5 car speakers.

For anyone in need of comfort and a great feeling when listening to music, it is important to consider the speakers that will offer you the greatest time while having leisure or driving. This is a hobby that has been adapted by most people, to having camp and picnics and having music equal to a party. You will get the best of your time with the car speakers.


The cons of having the car speakers will include cutting out sound when on full volume, there could be some differences in the sound production when one has a bigger speaker.

  • Unlike other speakers from other companies, they do not have the bass that one would require when in need of bass.
  • It is, however, important to note that someone may not have a similar disadvantage from what you notice. This comes along with the expectation of the user, in times when they are not met.

Rating and ranking

Due to the long life of the speakers, they are highly recommended and rated by various users on different online stores. Checking for them means that you are guaranteed to get a product someone else would recommend. It has been ranked to be amongst the best car speakers in producing great quality sound in terms of music and radio sound. For anyone with the intentions of purchasing a car speaker, it is best to consider the speaker that will serve the purpose of your intention in the best way possible.


With Rockford Fosgate R165X3, you would have a great and dependable speaker in your car will fulfill your needs for more and more sound. For loud music lovers while on the go, having the best 6.5 car speakers will be a quencher for their thirst anytime they are in need of great sounds.


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