About Us

Hi! My names Kelvin and I’m here to help you out in selecting the best in car stereo and sound! My own passion is finding the perfect stereo and speakers for the kind of music I like to play on a long drive led me to create Car Speaker Hub!

Along with your shinny wheels, the engine under the hood and comfortable interior comes the question of how to pass those minutes as you get in, start up and push the pedal towards the unending road, at times if you ask me I don’t want that feeling to end. The journey should keep going, along the way what’s important is how you manage to enjoy each minute of your new discovery. Sure the engine, the comfort and all that comes with it is important – what’s also important is the ambience you create and how you manage to immerse yourself in the experience.

At www.carspeakerhub.com we are here for the rest – informing you of the best in quality sound that money can afford for your ride, we present informative and practical notes on the best car speakers and sound systems you can install. Whether you’re looking for a full on experience and the works or just a basic one to fill your time with – www.carspreakerhub.com has information on the very best of everything when it comes to car music systems and the like.

Our blog focuses on covering the entire ecosystem around car stereo, music systems, installation and even on how to maintain them properly and in time. Regularly updated, we also include tips and tricks never seen or heard of before anywhere. But what you’ll enjoy the most is the coverage we give to new and upcoming technology in speaker systems – so, fair to say, we have everything for the enthusiast, the grease monkey and the sound geezer who know the true meaning of – ‘Pump up the Volume’!