JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers

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Stocking your stores with the best and trendy 6.5 car speaker is the best move to satisfying your clients. Most people in search of the best speakers will prefer great sound production and clarity in their car speakers. The type of speaker that will offer you these qualities will be the greatest speakers to purchase. If you intend to purchase the speakers independently through online platforms, you need to ensure that the store is legitimate, to avoid scams and getting the wrong products or description. Ensure to check the shipping details before purchase to avoid increased payment with the shipping fees.

JBL GTO638 Salient Features

  • Tweeter with qualities of home theater
  • 2 inches deep mounting depth
  • Rubber surrounded cone woofer
  • Three way speaker
  • Ability to handle 180 watts peak power handling and 2-ohm impendence
  • Level control adjustable tweeter
  • Tweeter made of Mylar-titanium

Describing the best 6.5 car speakers can be easy when one knows what to look out for in a speaker. The JBL speakers have a deeper description that includes the main features above. Starting from the plus one woofer cone, that enables bass production. For the tweeter, it has equal ability to produce sound equal to a home theater. This is a sure way to get clarity of sound and voice from your car speakers. The speaker has increased surface area, thus has the ability to deliver increased bass. The speakers have enabled sound transition that is transferred from the main speaker to the tweeter, thus giving you a naturally sounding speaker. The mounting allows for easy access and connection of the sound wires. Every purchase of the car speakers comes with the 6.5 car speakers, mounting brackets, speaker wires, grills, screws, and a user manual for guided use.


When searching for the best 6.5 car speakers, it means that you need to get an upgrade of the current speakers you are using. Going for better sound producing speakers will be the greatest move you can make. Here are some attractive advantages you enjoy when owning the JBL speakers.

  • Lasting speakers – the car speakers are long-lasting, from the materials they are made from.
  • Cross-over networks – the speakers come in ready built in speakers that allows crossover networks. This is with the use of bass blockers, which do not allow the bass to go the tweeters. This allows for clarity in sound, for the tweeters produce a clear no bass sound.
  • Great performance – the 6.5 car speakers allows the best sound production in your car with great quality bass. The sound production has been achieved through the bass and tweeter clarity and the increased surface area of the speaker.
  • Easy to install – the speakers are easy to install, even by a person with minimum experience. This is with the mounting of the speakers. You do not need specific tools or equipment for the best sound production.
  • Cost effective – the speakers can be found at a lower cost that is pocket friendly and will last for a long time.


For most people who do not like to have great sound in their car but do not prefer to have deep bass may find it disturbing.

Rating and ranking

Users that have experienced the use of these speakers have given great feedbacks. Most of them leave a high rating, which improves the overall performance of the speakers. They are amazing to listen to, and often receive praise from the car sounds lovers. The rating has been 4.8 out of 5-star rating. This has made the speakers to get high ranking when compared to other car speakers. This follows the outstanding quality sound the speakers will produce. You can have fun and play as loud as you please, without getting worried about the speakers heating highs or lows.

Bottom Line

With great sound producing speakers, the JBL GTO638 6.5 car speakers are a must have for every music lover. They last for a long time, play in great bass and clarity, and are very easy to mount with the intermount III. This allows you to have music in your after a short while of purchasing since installation does not take a long time to complete. Easy online purchase from legitimate stores, and finding the right fit for your car’s sound system.


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