Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180w High-Performance 2-Way

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When you want some quality sound to listen, then you will want to get the Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180w High-Performance 2-Way. Infinity products seem to have outdone other car audio products in the market. Because they are supported with several exciting features. The quality of the sound matters a lot to give you the exact feeling of the music!

That is possible when you are listening to sound which has output from Infinity make. Infinity has been known to manufacture some of the best audio products, and they’re not disappointed here. In this review, we will find out if we are really looking at the best product. This 6.5 car speaker multi-element has the Plus One cones, Reference Series speakers, Intermount III and I-Mount Mounting systems, Starfish tweeter-mounting adapter, UniPivot edge-driven tweeters, true 4-ohm topology.

With so many features, it can’t go wrong. It also comes with a mid-range/woofer and integrated tweeter. You can easily install these car speakers inside your vehicle without any hassle. You would be glad to know that these car speakers have been bagged several awards for their audiophile-grade performance.

Infinity Reference 6032cf Features

Plus one woofer cones

The plus one woofer cones are a patent pending technology that helps the cones to give out more surface area. This helps in improved efficiency and increased bass output. When compared to woofers present in car speakers of the same model, the cones cannot produce better sound quality.

True four ohms

The true four ohms are ideal for any car. Sometimes certain cars come with various kinds of electrical components. It is wise to have speakers with these kinds of ohms. When you install car speakers with lesser voice coils, two-ohm voice coils, which are 18-22 gauge the impedance is increased when power is applied.

In this case, it is has been increased, and the impedance is compensated which helps you to drive it into any power unit.

Edge-driven textile dome tweeters

The textile dome tweeters are the best in this category. When you are looking for dome tweeters that can provide you with quality sound, then you might want to use these. Normally the other car speakers come with w-domes, which can provide decent sound quality but decreased distortion and increased power handling at high output levels gives good music.


The unipivot helps the tweeter to point at your location though the speaker is mounted off axis. This helps in spreading the sound in a uniformed manner.

Tweeter level adjustment

The tweeter level adjustment is present on the front and can be set at the reference level 0dB. When your speakers are below the doors, and you want higher sound quality, the tweeter can be set at +3dB. As you can see, this feature allows you to adjust your tweeters depending on your hearing requirements.

Rubber surrounds

The rubber surround system offers optimum cone-edge suspension and takes away the distortions that usually travel up the cone edge that offers you with stronger low-end.

Highlighted features

  • The two-way loudspeaker is 6 1/2 inch and has 2 Ohm impedance and 180 Watts peak power handling.
  • The durable rubber surrounds and Plus One woofer cones help in improved efficiency and bass output.
  • The textile dome tweeters help in decreased distortion and increased power handling when the output levels are high.
  • The tweeter level adjustment and the swivel positioning help you able to hear better sound.


  • The sound quality is just way beyond imagination. It is absolutely the best at the moment. You might not be able to find any replacement. Listening to any kind of music gives you the feeling that you hear some high-quality sound.
  • The bass is not just there, which can be a good thing sometimes because you get the feeling that it is causing the sound to reduce a bit. Certain people have the tendency to hear music with extreme clarity, and that is got here.
  • Car speakers come with several features that justify its cost.
  • The plus one feature helps you to get higher efficiency and bass output and higher efficiency.
  • The tweeter level adjustment is another feature that enables you to alter positions for better sound.


  • Installing them can be difficult for some of you especially if you are new to car stereos and electrical items. If you are not confident about installing it yourself, then please take the help of a professional electrician.

Product rating and ranking

The product has received 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is pretty good and has more than 500 customer reviews on Amazon. The ratings and rankings itself show that the product has been well received in the market. Most of the customers are extremely happy about the fact that the music sound is just too good when you hear it using these speakers.

Replace the factory speakers

If you are an ardent music lover and want to enjoy the luxury of music then you need to have a special effect music system. Your natural choice will be Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 2-Way Speaker. The original factory stereo speakers are mostly made of inexpensive material that can produce only an acceptable level of sound. But for a full scale enjoyment of music, you must have high performance speaker system that can produce rich quality sound!


The Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180w High-Performance 2-Way is one of the best 6.5 car speakers in the market today. It has been engineered to enable you to get the best-in-class performance. If you are not happy with your existing car speakers, then this should be the perfect replacement. The product is priced economically to meet the expectation of music lovers with supporting features such as dome tweeters; Plus One woofers cones that can support deliver quality sound.

When you want to get the best deal, then these car speakers are worth buying as you know that your money is getting invested. The speakers are very durable and do not get easily damaged which should be good news for new car buyers. Listening to music in high quality takes you to another level, and that is exactly how it should always be.

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