The speakers for cars are equally as important as any other part of the vehicle or rather the music system of the car audio. With periodic tuning, the optimal performance of a speaker can be attained. Over time, you will realize that the speaker of your car will wear out and start producing distorted and seemingly muddy sounds. This may be because of the little technology that’s involved in the manufacture of factory speakers or it is just because of some reasons associated with the care of the speakers. In anyway, regardless of the cause, it may just be a time when you need to go for choosing new best 6.5 car speakers that will revive the sound quality you are used to while you’re driving your car. There are so many car speakers for sale and it requires knowledge for you to know exactly that which will serve you well.
Best 6.5 inch Car Speakers Reviews

  • They are some of the speakers that any person who is cognizant about the speakers of the cars will need so as to quench their forever love for sweet soothing music. The question is, how to choose the 6.5 inch car speakers that will never disappoint me. There are speakers of different sizes, different designs, and different shapes with each of these being capable of producing a distinct level of sound.
  • It is worth noting that not all those speakers that you love will be able to fit in to your car.

This is therefore a factor of consideration as you seek to buy this important accessory for stress relief in your car. Go for the right speaker size that will well fit in the speaker port found in your car and you will enjoy the maximum listening experience during your movements.

Why should you upgrade your car speakers?

Just as I have mentioned earlier on, most of those who buy speakers for their vehicles do so to improve the listening effect of their speakers after they start producing poor sound and disgusting sound effects. This is however just one among the many reasons why you need to upgrade from your present speaker to a new advanced one. There are some people who have got wider areas of interests and would want speakers that produce a wide range of sound effects.

  • Competition will at times lead one to upgrade the speakers of their cars. Car enthusiast together with music enthusiast will always try to compete among themselves to find whose vehicle is not only producing the best sound effect but also with the good price. They will compete to see whose car produces the good bass or whose car speaker produces the best sound quality.
  • Such competitions therefore calls for the need to visit the markets for the top rated speakers that money can buy.
  • To get the best out of your money, going for the reviews will take you an edge in front of comparison of others. In addition to these speakers, you need all the extra components that are needed for the enhancement of the corresponding speaker performance.

Best 6.5 Car Speakers Reviews
Luxury is yet another factor that will drive other drivers to upgrade from their present speakers to new ones. If you love being in a luxurious musical environment, you will absolutely ensure that you buy the good car audio since very few factory speakers can be able to produce the musical luxury needed. In any case, if you have the right speakers in your car, you will absolutely enjoy the musical effect as you drive to your destination.

1. Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps Performance Series Component 6.5 Car Speakers System

  • Its injected polypropylene cone together with the diamond array pattern ensure that the sound produced is well balanced.
  • With an input power peak of 280W and frequency responses ranging between 63Hz to 24kHz, the units frequencies get balanced by the 1 inch Swivel Dome Tweeter among other features.

The Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps Component 6.5 Car Speakers System (Performance Series) is that kind of car speaker than everyone will comment on when they get in to your car whenever music is playing. The unit is designed with an advanced crossover network for efficiency of voice production.

It is the unit that will give you the balanced frequencies of sound whenever you listen to any type of music. It is the kind of speaker that you surely wont regret spending your money to upgrade from your old speakers to this ones.


2. Polk Audio DB651 Coaxial 6.5 Car Speakers

  • Mica/Polymer composite cone covered with a butyl rubber that surrounds it thereby leading to the production of big sound, not forgetting the aspect of durability.
  • For effective production of high pitch sounds, the car speaker has a 1″ liquid cooled silk polymer tweeter.
  • The power rating of the system is 600 watts continuous RMS together with 180 watts peak power that’s handled with an impendence of 4 ohms.
  • Is the exact car speaker type that will turn up your car audio and beat the speakers of those music enthusiasts you are competing with.
  • Can be used in boats and other marine machineries.

The Polk Audio DB651 is one of the best 6.5 coaxial speakers for bass worth investing in. They are a perfect match for your car and an added advantage is that these 7″ high-performance types of speakers are marine certified. It comes with a tweeter that’s swivel mounted thereby allowing for precise sound aiming. It is the kind of speaker that will best serve those who love to listen to music of high frequencies.


3. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime Coaxial 6.5 Car Speakers, 3-Way

  • The beauty of the system and the beauty of the sound produced is further boosted by the grilles together with the mounted hardware that are included in the design.
  • The midrange on the other side has been designed to ensure that the frequencies that lie between the high and the lows are well taken care of to ensure that nothing is lost.
  • All these, are flowered by the silk dome pole mounted-piezo tweeter.

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime Coaxial 6.5 Car Speakers is designed with a vacuum polypropylene cone to boost on the production of sound as well as ensuring that durability is not compromised. To further boost on the two features mentioned above, the speaker system has been designed with a rubber surrounding. For high frequency production, the unit has an integrated tweeter crossover system. This ensures that you keep on enjoying music whenever you are in your car. You will surely want to make your car to be your new home. With such sweet and soothing music produced by the speaker system, no one will be tired of being in your car as long as music is playing.


4. Infinity Reference 6032cf 180-Watt High-Performance 6.5 Car Speakers (2-Way)

  • It is a high performance speakers system that boasts of 180 watts power handling together with an impedance of 2 ohms.
  • The durable rubber surrounds together with the plus one Woofer cones ensures that there is an increased bass output not forgetting the high efficiency needed in any device.
  • The textile dome tweeters that are edge driven enhances increased power handling in addition to the reduction of distortion at the highest output levels.

This 2-Way Speakers system comes with a user manual and installation hardware in its package. With a one year warranty, you are sure of spending your money where it is worth to spend it in. the unit has been designed with a tweeter level adjustment to ensure that high frequencies are well taken care of as you play your music. In addition, your stereo image together with optimization of sound is guaranteed by the swivel positioning that has been factored in to the design of the speaker.


5. Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

  • It has a 2-way Butterworth crossover that has vented housing together with an electronic tweeter protection circuit.
  • For clear and more detailed highs, the unit has a 25mm liquid-cooled silk/polymer composite dome designed tweeters that have neodymium magnet.

This speaker system features woofers that are mica/polymer composites cone made. These have a butyl rubber surround together with a kapton voice coil formation. The unit is 6 ” component type of speaker each with a pair of crossovers, tweeters and woofers. Its adaptor rings are what gives the unit credit for being easy to fit in the car.


6. Polk Audio DB651s Slim-Mount Coaxial 6.5 Car Speakers

  • It is well equipped with a 0.75″ liquid-cooled and a silk or polymer composite dome designed tweeters.
  • The bass of these speakers are just what you will always want and need whenever you are listening to your most favorite songs.

The Polk Audio DB651s Slim-Mount 6.5 Car Speakers (Coaxial) are rated at a maximum input power of 165 watts. These are another pair of marine certified audio systems. Even though they are marine certified, they are a perfect match for your car. These speakers give outstanding depth and have a great sound quality.

If your speakers are those that tend to be muddied, then this is the perfect solution for a perfect music listening experience.


7. Rockford Fosgate P165 Punch 6.5” Coaxial Full-Range Speakers (2-Way)

  • The unit is a 6.5 ” system that comes with a 2-way full range shallow speaker, which rates at 55watts RMS. It is surely a speaker system that you will spend not so much to buy.
  • It is easy to install and can be put at any orientation without the fear of distortion.

Rockford Fosgate P165 Punch 6.5” Coaxial Full-Range Speakers (2-Way) comes with a FlexFit basket type of a design. In the package, an OEM adapter plate is included. This implies that you can decide to position the unit on the roof of the vehicle, behind the seat or any other position. As long as you are planning to upgrade from your speakers that make life so pathetic to you while in the vehicle, the Rockford Fosgate P165 Punch 6.5” Coaxial Full-Range Speakers (2-Way) will do the job at a relatively reasonable amount.


8. JBL GTO638 3-Way 6.5 Car Speakers System

  • This system also comes with a 2″ mounting depth not forgetting the 180 watts peak power rating and impendence of 2 ohms.
  • The woofer cone of the system is made with a rubber surround to boost on efficiency and durability. In addition to all these, the speaker has 6-1/2 / 6-3/4” three way loudspeakers.
  • The speaker is a real car speaker that produces real bass that booms, is easy to install, produces quality sound that beats that of your friend’s cars and gives real value for your money.

The JBL GTO638 is a three-way type of car speaker that has been designed with the patented Plus-One woofer for the balancing of low frequencies produced by music systems. A good music system must always have all frequencies balanced. This is the main reason why you should not just stop at the point of the woofers. The home theater quality tweeters are essential in ensuring that the high frequencies are well taken care of. The crossover network that’s in-built is also essential in the production of true sound.


9. Pioneer TS-A1675R Three-Way Coaxial 6.5 Car Speakers (TS Series)

  • The speaker under $100 comes with a maximum power of 300 W and is a three way speaker having with it a multiplayer mica matrix cone.
  • For all those who want to upgrade from the two way speakers, this is therefore the speaker to go for. It is a 6.5 inch type of speaker and has a sensitivity of 35 Hz – 31,000 Hz; 90 dB. Its mounting depth is one of the best in its class.
  • The unit comes with a limited warranty of some of its parts.

Pioneer TS Series Car Speakers are the types of speakers that you should go for if you want the balance you are used to, to be back to your music system. You will not have to struggle anymore to hear the words of the songs but instead you will enjoy your entire journey and experience with the speakers. The bass of these speakers are just what you will always want and need whenever you are listening to your most favorite songs. If your speakers are those that tend to be muddied, then this is the perfect solution for a perfect music listening experience.

For real music experience, go for it and you will love the experience.


10. Pioneer TS-A1685R 6.5 Car Speakers – 1 Pair (6 1/2″- 6 3/4″) 350w max 4 Way Voies

  • It has a multiplayer Cone made of Mica Matrix material together with soft dome tweeters designed for the adaptation of high frequencies produced by the speakers.
  • For increased sensitivity, the soft dome tweeters have been designed with a Wave-guide.
  • The power handling of the speaker is 350 watts per pair or rather 175 watts each, RMS at the peak. It also has 120 watts per pair, which translated to 60 watts each.

The Pioneer TS-A1685R is the best car speaker for any region and one of the 6.5 car speakers with good bass. It has a specially designed high temperature voice coil that makes it possible for the unit to be used even in the extremes of the environments. The elastic polymer surrounds of the speaker have been credited for the efficiency of the unit. In addition to efficiency, the above mentioned feature ensures that you speakers will stay for long. Durability and efficiency are the two main factors of consideration during the purchase of any given product and they have been factored in the design of this speaker.


So what speakers fit your car?

There are two broad types of car speaker systems that you can choose from. These are:

The drivers, which transform the electrical frequencies to sound, are what determine the key differences between the two types of speakers.

Component speakers

This type of speaker have different components, which is why they are more complicated when compared with the coaxial speakers. Different frequencies are handled by different components. The low-range frequencies are handled by the woofer. They handle deep bass, which typically falls from 40 to 1,000 Hz. On the other hand, the high frequencies are handled by the tweeter. They handle the frequencies that are ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 Hz. Coincidentally, it is named after the high pitch that is produced by birds, which is why it can handle high frequencies as well. There is also a component that is intended to handle mid-frequencies, which typically range from 40 to 1,000 Hz.

One of the best things about component speakers is that they are installed in separate parts of the car. They can be in the front and the back, depending on personal preferences. They make the sound fuller as they can surround the car. However, because they are also installed in different locations, they can be more complicated in terms of assembly. Many people may be unable to do it on their own, which is why working with an expert is highly recommended.

While component speakers can lead into superior sound quality, one thing should be kept in mind – they are expensive. This is especially true if you choose high-end models that are produced by popular brands. Whatever you will spend, however, will surely be worth it. Car audio will never be the same with component speakers.

Full range/coaxial speakers

These are also known as coaxial speakers. They are made of a single unit and this is the one that is responsible for the reproduction of sound. The drivers that are found here are essentially the same as the ones that you can find in the coaxial speakers. The main difference is that they are combined together, which leads into having a more affordable price. They were first introduced in the 1970s. Most of the OEM car stereos that are available in the market today makes use of this speaker configuration.

If there is one reason why this is chosen by many, it would be the fact that it is more affordable compared to its counterpart. There is also a direct fit in audio systems. Therefore, you will be able to have it installed in a snap. You do not need to go to a mechanic to have it assembled. You can do so on your own by just following the comprehensive instructions provided by the manufacturer. Beyond these things, however, there are no significant benefits that can be enjoyed with the use of this type of speaker.

One of the drawbacks of the full-range speakers is that it is designed only with a single driver. The end result is that the frequency will be from a single origin, and hence, negatively affecting the quality of sound. There are frequencies that can be lost in the process of being transmitted. The clarity and detail will definitely be suffering.

Which is Better?

If you have to choose one, without a doubt, it would be component speakers. Many audiophiles would definitely agree that this is the best if you want clear and crisp sound in your car. It can be more expensive, but if you see car speakers as an investment, you will definitely not regret having it picked above other models. It can also offer more customization, providing you with the opportunity to have it configured based on your personal preferences.

In sum, cost alone should not be enough consideration in picking car speakers. You have to go beyond price. You have to think about the overall sound quality that it can produce, especially if you are discerning. If you want your car audio to have optimal performance and to offer a different kind of experience, choose component speakers. They may be costly, but they will surely be worth every dollar you will spend.

The other categories of car speakers you may refer

Though there are two major categories of speakers, there are some five more sub categories of car speakers. These are types of speakers that are found in almost all the cars that have speakers in them.

These are responsible for the production of the high frequencies in car speakers. Some of the high-pitched sounds which include the blaring also of saxophones, the crashing cymbals among others will rely on the tweeters for them to be fully conveyed in the best details. The tweeters are found as the smallest types of car speakers that you will come across. They come as standalone component units but are always placed on the center of hoofers as full range units.

Super Tweeters
Just as the name suggests, these types of car speakers produce the highest frequencies that you will ever get in a car speaker. These units are used with component systems that utilize crossover units hence directing all the produced high frequencies to the super tweeters. If you add these to the audio system of your car, you are assured of reducing the losses of such high frequencies.

Whereas the full range speaker system will split all frequencies between woofers and tweeters, a component system is designed for the dedication of those speakers to the low as well as the high ranges thereby sending all those frequencies found in between in to the midrange speakers. For this reason that midrange speakers are capable of producing the details that can’t be produced by either tweeters or woofers, these speakers are found to be very necessary in any given car.

Woofers are dedicated for the low as well as the mid tones which include bass drums, grunge guitar among others. The woofer happens to be the lager bottom part of a full range speaker. On the other hand, the tweeter happens to be the smaller speaker placed at the center. Within the full range, the woofers are found to be versatile members while in the component systems, woofers are meant to cover a specific low frequencies range.

Within the component system, there is the need for dedication of the lowest frequencies. The subwoofers are the ones dedicated for such. These forms of speakers often need their own enclosures because of their often large size. An aftermarket amplifier is also needed to power the subwoofer. They can also be boosted to make them produce heavier bass which are heavier and deeper hitting in comparison with those being played by the track. Most car audio systems always have big, powerful subwoofers as the central focus of sound effect.